Markham Cricket Association
Markham Cricket Association Details
Address: 385 Elson St.
Canada - L3S4R9
Established: 1979
Current Series: 2024 MCA League Cup
About: The Markham Cricket Association (MCA) was established in the late 70’s by the early immigrant community, who immigrated to the City of Markham from cricket playing nations all around the world. MCA was once a social endeavour that enabled communities from diverse backgrounds and faiths to socialize through a common interest, which is the game of cricket, has now evolved into a competitive league that boasts over 400 members.

It is the sheer dedication and commitment of our pioneers who have selflessly sacrificed their time and resources to make MCA the most vibrant and diverse cricket league in the GTA. This diversity is a true reflection of our beloved City of Markham itself.  Today MCA has created a passage for the next generations of youths and cricket lovers alike to play the game they love. Those opportunities that have subsequently helped these youths to represent Canada at the international level are a testament to the growth of MCA over the years.  

We have come a long way from having to mow the lawn and creating a pitch, to having three AstroTurf pitches in the city of Markham. For that we are thankful to the City of Markham, the City Council and the City staff in general who have supported the growth of cricket in Markham. We will continue to work with the City of Markham to further improve the quality of the cricket facilities and the playing fields and find creative ways to further enhance the game of cricket in Markham.